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Welcome to the homepage of CHAOS, a NHL 11 EASHL hockey club on the XBOX 360.

This clubs primary focus is on playing simulation style hockey. We play a team style with emphasis on puck possession and puck movement. EVERYONE will be expected to know, understand and follow ALL team rules and strategies. This is a Defense first club, so forwards who only care about their own stats need not apply. Everyone is expected to fulfill their role on both offense and defense.

However, the team leadership fully understands that this is a game after all. Players will be held accountable for mistakes, but not be chewed out relentlessly for them.  Hockey is a team game, and this club will reflect that.

This website was built in order to cultivate not only a great team but a great community.  The purpose of the website is to create lines of communication between all members.  We use this website to to discuss everything important to the club from team strategies to recent games. Again, people who do not wish to visit regularly need not apply.
Currently Recruiting
This is a new club and is undergoing a heavy recruiting phase.  Some positions may be "over recruited" for in order to insure that we have enough players online during our peak hours.  The goal is to be able to field a 6v6 almost every night.

We are currently seeking all positions, if you are interested please apply!
Currently Recruiting all positions
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